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2019 / World Premiere

Episodes 1 > 3 | 3x15min (4x15min series) | in French with English subtitles

The Earth has been without men for 108 years. But humanity is surviving thanks to women and the last few sperm banks. Every woman is obliged to be inseminated and now it’s Lucie’s turn. She reluctantly heads for her appointment along with her sister Charlie. But on the way, they are taken hostage by a fugitive woman looking for the last man on Earth.

Created & written by Nadja Anane, Éléonore Costes, Sandy Lobry, Marion Séclin 
Directed by Nadja Anane
With Marion Séclin, Éléonore Costes, Sandy Lobry, Barbara Bolotner, Shirley Souagnon
ProductionLa Dame de Cœur, Effervescence Fiction, France Télévisions 
Broadcast by francetv Slash 

Wednesday 27 16:30 - 18:33UGC Ciné-Cité - Salle 11
Tickets available on the day of the session.
Friday 29 11:30 - 13:03Le Majestic

Screening on Wednesday, March 27 in the presence of Marion Séclin (creator, actress), Sandy Lobry (creator, actress), Eléonore Costes (creator, actress), Nadja Anane (creator, director), Barbara Bolotner (actress), Fabian Wolfrom (actor) Judith Naudet-Naulieu (producer)

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