Break Up
© GM6 Vladimir Rodionov

Break Up


2019 / World Premiere

Episodes 1&2 | 2x10min (2x10min series) | in French with English subtitles

Sara, a young screenwriter, is finding it hard to get over her ex, Benoît. And this task is made harder still by the fact that he is a movie star and his face is plastered across every wall she looks at. When a new job opportunity comes up, Sara finds herself plunged back into her own torment.

Created & written by Éléonore Costes
Directed by Vladimir Rodionov
With Éléonore Costes, Jérôme Niel, Raphaëlle Costes, Matthias Girbig, Sophie-Marie Larrouy, Benoît Blanc, Muriel Combeau, Béatrice Facquer, Wendy Nieto, Bertrand Usclat
Production Golden Network (GM6)
Broadcast by Golden Stories 

Tuesday 26 16:00 - 17:57UGC Ciné-Cité - Salle 11
Thursday 28 12:00 - 13:27UGC Ciné-Cité - Salle 11

Screening on Tuesday, March 26 in the presence of Eléonore Costes (creator, screenwriter, actress), Vladimir Rodionov (director), Muriel Combeau (actress), Julie Coudry (producer), Adrien Labastire (producer)

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