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France, Germany

2019 / World Premiere

Episodes 1&2 | 2x45min (6x45min series) | in English, French, German, Greek & Arabic with French & English subtitles

Some 50 refugees land their rubber dinghy on a Greek beach and make their way through the astonished crowd of holidaymakers. This event turns a series of lives upside-down: Those of a German family hosting a refugee, that of a young Nigerian migrant on the run, that of the French director of a private refugee camp operation, that of a Greek security guard wracked with guilt, and those of a family of Syrians seeking political asylum in Paris.
A contemporary saga about the waves of migrants washing up on the shores of the Old Continent.

Directed by Dominik Moll
Created by Edward Berger, Nele Mueller Stöfen, Marianne Wendt
Based on an original idea by Jano Ben Chaabane, Felix Randau
Written by Constantin Lieb, Dominik Moll, Laurent Mercier, Felix von Boehm, Nele Mueller Stöfen, Edward Berger, Pierre Linhart
Music Adrian Johnston
With Sylvie Testud, Juliane Köhler, Wolfram Koch, Trystan Pütter, Joshua Edoze, Diamand Abou Abboud, Maxime Khalil, Jalal Altawil
Production Lupa Film, Atlantique Productions, Port au Prince Film, ARTE France, ARTE Deutschland, SWR, ARD Degeto
International sales Lagardère Studios Distribution
Broadcast by ARTE, SWR/ARD

Screening on Sunday, March 24 in the presence of Dominik Moll (creator, director, co-writer), Juliane Köhler (actrice), Felix von Boehm (producer - Lupa Film), Constantin Lieb (headwriter, producer - Lupa Film), Jimmy Desmarais (producer - Atlantique Productions)

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