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2018 / International Premiere

Episodes 1&2 | 2x44min (11x44min series) | in Russian with French & English subtitles

The USSR, in 1990. Herman, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, is a nervous wreck, his moral compass shot to pieces, and he struggles to find his place in a country on its last legs. He meets up with an ex-army buddy who is the leader of a gang of vets dedicated to racketeering and violence. A few years later, Herman acts alone, planning an audacious raid on his own people.

Created & directed by Sergei Ursuliak
Written by Ilya Tilkin
With Aleksandr Yatsenko, Aleksandr Gorbatov, Tatyana Lyalina, Sergei Makovetskiy, Aleksandr Golubev 
Production Moskino
International sales
Russia Television & Radio 
Broadcast by Russia 1

Screening on Thursday, March 28 in the presence of Sergei Ursuliak (director)

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