Hang Ups
© Pete Dadds

Hang Ups

United Kingdom

2018 / National Premiere

Episodes 1&2 | 2x22min (6x22min series) | in English with French subtitles

After his therapy business goes under, Richard starts a new business involving online quick-fire therapy sessions through a webcam.
With Stephen Mangan as the old playboy trying to capitalize on the web 2.0, this is a British adaptation of the US series Web Therapy.

Created byKevin LOADER and Stephen MANGAN.
Written byRobert DELAMERE and Stephen MANGAN.
Directed byRobert DELAMERE.
Music composed byRael JONES.
StarringStephen MANGAN, Katherine PARKINSON, John MACMILLAN, David TENNANT and Jessica HYNES.
Produced bySlam Films.
International SalesFREMANTLE.
Original broadcaster(s)CHANNEL 4.

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