Arde Madrid
© Jorge Fuembuena

Arde Madrid


2018 / National Premiere

Episodes 1&2 | 2x30min (8x30min series) | in Spanish with French subtitles

The Spanish secret services want to infiltrate the home of the scandalous Hollywood star Ava Gardner, who recently moved to Spain and is suspected of being an enemy of the Franco regime. Manolo, a hustler, and Ana Mari, an inhibited limping spinster, form an unlikely couple who go to work for the star to spy on her in a 1960s whirlwind of sex, whisky, and flamenco.

Created byPaco LEON and Anna R. COSTA.
Written byPaco LEON, Anna R. COSTA and Fernando PEREZ.
Directed byPaco LEON.
Music composed byAle ACOSTA.
StarringPaco LEON, Inma CUESTA, Debi MAZAR and Anna CASTILLO.
Produced byAndy Joke.
International SalesBETA FILM.
Original broadcaster(s)Movistar+.

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