I am the Night
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I am the Night

United States

2019 / National Premiere

Episodes 1&2 | 2x60min (6x60min series) | in English with French subtitles

In the segregated society of 1960s Nevada, a young white woman named Fauna Hodel is raised in the African-American community by a possessive mother who lies to her about her background. When she discovers what’s been going on, Fauna heads for Los Angeles to find the truth in the same town where journalist Jay Singletary is trying to solve the famous case of the Black Dahlia.

Created bySam SHERIDAN.
Written bySam SHERIDAN.
Directed byPatty JENKINS.
Music composed byDavid LANG.
StarringChris PINE, India EISLEY, Jefferson MAYS, Leland ORSER and Yul VASQUEZ.
Produced byStudio T.
International SalesTurner Broadcasting System.
Original broadcaster(s)TNT.

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