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New pitching sessions and focus on March 26

SERIES MANIA FORUM always supports meaningful innovation in series formats and techniques, allowing for stories than have not been told before to be shared and produced. As such, VR is a key focus within the 2019 edition of the professional days of SERIES MANIA, with dedicated events organised on March 26 at Lille Grand Palais

Inspired by the success of the Co-Pro Pitching Sessions, the core of this initiative will be new VR Pitching Sessions, which will allow eight international VR series projects to be presented by their creators on stage, in front of potential financers and broadcasters. Carefully handpicked by VR advisors Voyelle Acker (Immersive Experience Producer, ex-Nouvelles Écritures at France Télévisions) and Michel Reilhac (VR program advisor for the Venice Film Festival), the first VR Pitching Sessions includes the following projects:

Official selection for the VR Pitching Sessions 2019:
  • Breathe, by Diego Galafassi, Denmark/Sweden/USA
  • Gloomy Eyes, by Jorge Tereso et Fernando Maldonado, Argentina/France
  • Into the Mind, by par Jessica Brillhart, USA
  • Mechanical Souls, by L.P. Lee and Gaëlle Mourre, France/Taiwan
  • Pagan Peak, by Ioulia Isserlis and Max Sacker, Germany
  • Tinder is the night, by Oriane Hurard, France
  • The Queen of the Forest, by Priscila Guedes, Brasil
  • VoyeuR, by Simon Buisson, France


SERIES MANIA FORUM will also host on March 26 dedicated conferences and panels on the next trends in VR content production:

Ioulia Isserlis (CEO & Creative Producer at AnotherWorld, Germany) will give her dual artist-producer input on how VR creators are changing series production;

Jessica Brillhart (Founder of Viral Pictures, USA) and Louis Derungs (Pain neuroscience expert, Mindaze, Belgium) will discuss the tremendous potential of VR for therapeutic and experimental storytelling.

A roundtable about Distribution of experimental and immersive content will sum up the current possibilities in this emerging market, comparing the different situations in France, Canada, and Australia, including VR specialists:

  • Camille Lopato, founder, Diversion Cinéma – France
  • Rosie Lourde, director & freelance creator, In Choots Creations – Australia
  • Ronald Menzel, co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Dreamscape Immersive – Switzerland
  • Laura Mingail, Senior Director Marketing & Business Development, Secret Location, Entertainment One Company – UK

All VR projects and additional experiences will be available for registered professionals via dedicated headsets in a VR Experience area over the course of SERIES MANIA FORUM, from March 25 to 27 at Lille Grand Palais.


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